Deep Architecture / Spirit Bounce


Record label
31 Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 14th 2014


A1Deep Architecture
B1Spirit Bounce

Usually found in partnership with Blocks on their own Narratives imprint, here we find Escher flying solo with two beautifully contrasting compositions. "Deep Architecture" has already been causing a big stir online due to its wild time signature and off-beat percussive patterns. Physically it's drum & bass, but mentally it's most definitely techno as it pummels with loopy drum insistency. "Spirit Bounce", meanwhile, is a stark and breezy stepper that oozes space and shimmers with emotive synths. It's a simple but soulful synthesis many have attempted over the year but only few have mastered... Klute, Marcus Intalex and now Escher, too. The return of 31 has been one of D&B's best stories so far this year.