Prototype / El Sol


Record label
31 Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 15th 2014


B1El Sol

Vromm is a new music project created by Alvaro Martinez, with the aim to spread UK bass and beats culture that has influenced him since the late 80's. Based in London with 20+ years experience in the music industry. This new project is supported by Doc Scott with the first EP released through 31. Vromm is also one of the members of 'Various Production' and 'Hardware', and also co-runs 'Various Recordings'. This guy is the new Noisia Mixmag D&B single of the month Craig Richards 8/10 #1 Excellent. Surgeon 8/10 #3 Really great tracks, all 4 Reza 7/10 #1 very interesting Indigo 8/10 #3 sick julian Mixmag Germany 10/10 #4 Next level soundscapes. Nice Vromm! Escher 10/10 #2 Amazing release, fresh as F... John B 8/10 #3 heavy. thanks. mark pritchard 8/10 #3 Great programming, fresh. Kmag 9/10 #1 The future is now . Marcus Intalex 8/10 #1 good shit y'al ulterior motive 10/10 #3 FUCK OFF!!