Flames [full colour digipack]

Need For Mirrors

Record label
31 Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 20th 2020


01Without UNeed For Mirrors feat. Sal3:01
02Play DohNeed For Mirrors4:59
03CoppolaNeed For Mirrors4:38
04AdoreNeed For Mirrors6:05
05SlewishamNeed For Mirrors4:59
06Snoopy VansNeed For Mirrors5:14
07TabooNeed For Mirrors6:25
08Witch SharkNeed For Mirrors7:27
09CocoNeed For Mirrors5:57
10Dior TrenchNeed For Mirrors5:33
11CloudsNeed For Mirrors5:00
12Flow ForwardNeed For Mirrors feat. Vromm6:15

We don't really do albums on 31, so it has to be something special, something a bit different and not just a collection of DJ tracks. What really drew me to this project was the vocal tracks that NFM had produced, they really are different and have a quality to them that I don't hear very often in DNB, coupled with the other experimental tracks and straight up rollers, this to me really is an excellent example of what a DNB album should be. - Doc Scott