Sargasso / Scarecrow / Chocolate Evening, The Crimson Sea, Sweet Feeling, Only U

LM1 / Dissident / Mr Sizef

Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 13th 2010


B2hocolate Evening, The Crimson Sea, Sweet Feeling, Only UMr Sizef

After two years of consistently pushing cutting edge fresh talent on CD as well as in tandem with a series of well-received free digital releases (all still available at ) Absys Records are proud to present our very first vinyl release. Mastered to crisp perfection by LXC, this three-track vinyl continues to mine the deep, cutting edge atmospheric vein with an Eastern European twist that people have come to expect from us as a label, and with all the variety that has characterised our various CD compilation releases over the years. LM1 delivers a star turn here with A-side "Sargasso", as expansive and borderless as the sea from which it takes it's name. Razor-sharp breakbeats, sub bass and dreamy pads all add up to a mature and considered slice of cutting edge Sci-Fi plastic. Deep enough for the bedroom but more than capable of working on a dancefloor this tune is certain to open a few doors for this hotly-tipped scottish producer. Dissident 's offering "Scarecrow" is as idiosyncratic as any other tunes by this most accomplished of russian producers, building a furiously cerebral groove with little other than hats, clicks, drones, cavernously delayed chords before utterly improbably unleashing some utterly raucous amens out of nowhere! Pigeonhole this, we DARE you! Rounding off the package is none other than Mr Sizef, who has had many an eye watching him since his previous work on Hospital's stellar "Future Sounds of Russia" collection. "Chocolate Evening, The Crimson Sea, Sweet Feeling, Only U" is as poetically expressive a collection of sounds as it's title would lead you to expect, it's deep pulsating halftime groove forms an undercarriage for all manner of crazily edited vocals and pads to swirl around, all combining to create a very special piece of music indeed. Support : Method One, Stunna, LTJ Bukem, Ant TC1, Paradox, ASC , Future Engineers , Indygo Sync, Loxy ,Getz & Nuage, Elctrosoul System, Blu Mar Ten, Big Bud, Reza, Sho, Domel, Executive Steve anbd many more top producers and artists.