Mystical Deep Vol. 2 - Including CD ALBUM

Various Artists

Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 19th 2011


A1Ellipse / LM1 remixFuture Engineers remix LM16:05
A2Fading Memory'sSynth Sense & MC Fava6:54
B1New RiseNuage5:37

Autumn is inevitable, so is another 12' from Absys Records. This time it's an album sampler for the forthcoming second compilation by the name of 'Mystical Deep vol 2'. In a similar vein to the previous wax release, we've got three exceptional tracks to present to you. The 12' opens with the absolute grandmasters of atmospheric dnb - the legendary Scottish duo under the moniker of Future Engineers. Here, their track 'Ellipse' is remixed by another top atmospheric dnb producer - the owner and founder of Offworld Recordings, LM1. His rendition of the track gave it a new, fresh dimension, but still retaining the mighty bassline and spacious pads that make you virtually surrender and submerge in the sound. A deep, though powerful track that will surely move many a dancefloors all over the world. Next in Line is 'Fading Memory's' by Synth Sense - a duo from Kent in Great Britain, focusing in their production on deep and futuristic sounds and this track is no exception. Their work is an astounding deep and pulsating killer where the cosmic sounds take us into a completely different dimension. The whole is complemented by vocal part by MC Fava who makes the track even deeper and more tranquil. Our feast ends with a true blow of freshness - 'New Rise' by Nuage, that is. This young artist from Russia has been present and active in Absys camp for quite some time, though he's been making music only for just under two years, but still, he's considered by many as one of the most exciting producer in the business. His newest work is full of subtle details and keeps an uplifting, melodious note to it, filled with sublime vocals echoing the words 'Just as Long as I Believe'. But wait - there's more! To make this autumn the most beautiful season, we've also got a brilliant artwork by our valued Feebee to complement this 12'. May the Absys be with you! More info soon!