Strangers From Nowhere

Various Artists

Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 1st 2009


01Stranger From NowhereRadicall feat. Ktee
02Dropshadow DiseasesDissident
03Her Dreams Her FearsGetz & Nuage
04Alter StatesLogarithmia
05Major AddSub
07Deep That You Wouldn't ImagineSonic Saturation
08Than Just Say HelloICR
09DuststormLM1 & The Square
10ElevatedRazor Point
11Lunar SeaRadicall

meet sound of silence, leave your bad feelings, just beside, skywater from soul. please , bring the vibe, the deep the deep of rising star, fly away into air, catched by streamdream .... We proudlly present previews of ABSCD002 - VA - Strangers from Nowhere . Compilation of unusual sounds, straight from polish field, shows non conventional style of drum beat music. Elements of atmosphere, minimal and liquid lead U to melody music world where u can easy find the subtitle of this CD.