Anywhere Here LP

Getz & Nuage

Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 13th 2011


01Morning CoffeeGetz & Nuage
02Insomnia ShadowsGetz & Nuage
04Kind Of LostNuage
05Open Your HeartGetz
06Open RoadNuage
07Is The WayGetz & Nuage
08ManiacGetz & Nuage
09OvercoderGetz & Nuage
10GallacticaGetz & Nuage
11ThisGetz & Nuage

Absys presents the long-awaited album from the Russian duo of Getz & Nuage - 'Anywhere Here'. Both producers have been actively involved - as a duo, as well as solo - on drum & bass scene for some time and become known as not only prolific and versatile, but most of all, musically sensitive which gained them quite an acclaim among the deeper and softer d'n'b listeners. This sensitivity turned out to be far from accidental, what has been proven by many well-received releases of this duo. Following up, the guys decided to focus on new material, broader not only in terms of volume, but also of the themes covered. So, what to expect from 'Anywhere Here'? The most appropriate - and at the same time the shortest - answer would be, simply, d'n'b - no more, no less, without pigeonholing or labeling. Yet, the musical content is quite futuristic and 'modern', but it's still d'n'b. What's certain is that this content will surely please those who are into minimal sounds ('Insomnia Shadows', 'Is the Way'), experiments ('Anytime'), melodies and soul ('Open Your Heart'), but also those who dig the less ('Gallactica') and more ('Overcoder') broken stuff. Add to this some deep and flowing rhythms, like 'Morning Coffee', and you have a recipe for a diverse, but at the same time coherent album, especially in terms of sound and themes. Despite the obvious musical diversity, the artists managed to maintain a consistent, distinctive futuristic style of their album, thus creating a perfect musical background for an exciting and simultaneously blissful journey through drum & bass Milky Way. Put on your spacesuit and hop on the board of Absys shuttle. Prepare for launch in 3.. 2.. 1.. Music mastered by LXC. Beautiful artwork painted and layouted by Magda Zieba