Mystical Deep LP vol 2

Various Artists

Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 12th 2011


01Things what we changeNuage & N4M3
02IrradiateFlame feat. Tiiu
03City of GodsDominic Ridgway & Displaced Paranormals
04Leagues deepLoxy & Resound
05Your voice is fleetingSam KDC & Nuage
06Deeper than deepHatti Vatti & Reza
07AnymoreRadicall & Katee remix Logarithmia
08OverNaibu feat. Key
09I knowJason oS
10Groundless feelingB Cloud
11Pancakes for a breakfastMarginal
12Hidden housesMethod One
13DepartAnile & Dakosa

It's been exactly one year since the release of Mystical Deep. The autumn of 2011 is the time for the second part of the compilation. So, what can you expect from this collection of thirteen tracks that have made their way to the already 6th CD from Absys Records ? For three years - that is from the very beginning of Absys coming to life - we've been concerned with shaping the profile of our label, concentrating mainly on the originality of sound, thus supporting both native (Poland is a country of great potential and to show it is part of our mission), as well as foreign upcoming artists. After some time we can say that the path we've chosen is right. So, Mystical Deep vol 2 is kind of an essence of Absys Records and at the same time the twin of its predecessor - Mystical Deep. We present to you an extrasensory journey into the very centre of human mind. This journey will be mysterious, atmospheric, dubby, futuristic and - of course - set in the core of depth, but still, despite the featured diversity, will also be coherent and consistent. We hope that this compilation of music, associated by beautiful artwork, will be a good mood enhancer - not only in the autumn cloudy and rainy days.