Music Of Branches 7" Vinyl Single + CD Album


Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 25th 2013


01Farenheit 17
02Late Dream (Album Edit)
03Gray (feat. Yorra)
04Pay Your Love
05Fair Question
06Before (feat. Yorra)
07Eversky (Album Edit)
09Frozen Voices
10All I Know
A1Late Dream 7inch edit3:04
B1Eversky 7inch edit3:07

'Absys Records returns with first release in 2013. Are you happy? You should because with us return Dimitri Kuzmin also known as Nuage. This Russian producer from St Petersburg is one of the most talented newcomer on drumandbass and deep electronic music scene. 'Music Of Branches' as his first solo LP contains eleven tracks on CD and two tracks on 7inch vinyl single. Don't waste your time and limited copy !'