The Dogs Are Listening

The Outside Agency

Record label
Ad Noiseam
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 15th 2012


02The Strangers
03Forest Children
04The Fabric Of Life
05Dream Denial
06Cautionary Tale
07The Wandering Mind
08A Perfect World
09Centipedes & Sentinels
10Backpack Wisdom
11End Boss

With their first 'on-purpose' album, The Outside Agency come up with the full-length album which we need, but might not deserve, and certainly not expect. This duo comprised of DJ Hidden and Eye-D have regularly brought fresh sound to the hardcore scene and repeat this feat again. Crossbreed, dubstep, breakcore? All this (and more) is included in this wildly varying and still extremely focused and driven album. If there ever was somebody who could combine cleverness, depth and masterful production to such a relentlessly hard music genre, it was them. They've done it again, probably more than ever. Are you listening?