Sapper Morton EP

Roel Funcken

Record label
Analogical Force
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 22nd 2018


A1Sapper MortonRoel Funcken
A2LewtonRoel Funcken
B1Borgon CrayRoel Funcken
B2Danzar ArturionRoel Funcken
B3Sapper MortonRoel Funcken remix James Shinra

Roel Funcken doesnt need an introduction. A long career, along with his brother, under the prism of multiple aliases as Quench, Funckarma, Legiac (...amongst others) are more than enough endorsement. His ambient textures maintain a cinematic quality throughout, while his percussive arrangements retain a constantly mutating framework, always reconstructing its rhythm and structure, contradicting complex configurations and minimal design. In 'Sapper Morton EP', his debut in AF, Roel explores bright territories close to the electro, full of edges and shades, painting evocative landscapes. If you add a remix from the acclaimed James Shinra you have a must release.