Cradle To The Grave

Dubbing Sun & Zygos feat. Rider Shafique & Ras Addis

Record label
Albion Collective
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 14th 2020


A1Cradle To The GraveDubbing Sun & Zygos feat. Rider Shafique & Ras Addis
A2Cradle To The GraveDubbing Sun & Zygos feat. Rider Shafique & Ras Addis remix Digid
B1Cradle To The GraveDubbing Sun & Zygos feat. Rider Shafique & Ras Addis remix Somah

Low frequency mastermind, Zygos, makes his Albion Collective debut alongside returning roots commander, Dubbing Sun. Their single, "Cradle To The Grave", empowers the dancefloor in a unifying steppas style. Intensifying the marching bassline, prophecies from Rider Shafique and Ras Addis urge the revolution forward. Reinforcing the A-side, Digid leads the lion charge, churning the bassline with rock steady grit. Stripping the anthem back to stone-shaking 140, Somah rebuilds the B-side with Trinity Centre brickwork and trenchtown mortar. Reaching forward while honouring its roots, Albion Collective adds new dubstep super-powers to its roster while welcoming back some of the label's earliest titans. Zygos and Dubbing Sun's original mix and its flips are set to keep raves stomping from the "Cradle To The Grave".