Blue Moon - Vinyl Only 180 gr.


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January 15th 2016



This November will see Amam offer up a vinyl only release from label regular Hooved, entitled 'Blue Moon' and comprising four original tracks from the Italian artist. Gaetano Vinci aka Hooved has been releasing material since for a decade now via the likes of Thema, Safari Electronique, Apparel, Time Has Changed and of course Amam where he returns to here with a new EP. Amongst maintaining a steady quality over quantity release schedule, Vinci has also graced the likes of Katerholzig Berlin, Sonar OFF, Propaganda Moscow and Cartulis Day in London throughout his career. With the 'Blue Moon' EP Hooved turns in a four original compositions all untitled and numbered one through four. With 'Untitled_01' the focus is laid on howling reverb bursts and swirling dub echoes smoothly fluttering around a weighty rhythmic foundation. 'Untitled_02' lays sweeping soft chords in the background as the infectious swung percussion drives the record for four and half minutes, subtly evolving and retracting throughout. Opening the flip side we have 'Untitled_03' which takes things in a more upfront house direction with a New Jersey style bass hook, Ghetto vocal licks, 303 acid blips and raw crunchy drums, while 'Untitled_04' tips things back into darker Deep Techno realms with hypnotic stab sequences, snaking sub bass grooves and swirling percussive hits to round off the package. The 'Blue Moon' EP from Hooved is out on Amam November 2015.