Primeiro EP

Dj Link remix Valentino Kanzyani

Record label
Amigos Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 8th 2007


A1Saladaremix Valentino Kanzyani
B2Salada (Original)

Amigos is the most recent techno label from the south-western part of the Europe. The label is ran by Portuguese DJ and producer Link, who is renown for his releases on Pornographic recordings, Innova Musik and several other techno labels. The artists included on the releases are the finest around and without a doubt, the first release will be one of the best techno records of the year 2007. Slovenian techno hero Valentino Kanzyani remixed one of Links massive tracks for this first print, done in his own unique and outstanding style, a brilliant dance floor track. On the other side theres the original pumping track, together with a massive and truly amazing hardgroove track also produced by DJ Link, named Preciosa. This EP has already received full support from Technasia, The Advent, Preach, DJ Murphy, DJ Wehbba and a wide variety of other top class DJs and producers, and its already rocking the dance floors from Brazil to Japan. Next releases will feature tracks, remixes and collaborations from Preach, Wehbba, DJ Link and loads of other fine producers.