Terceiro EP

Axel karakasis

Record label
Amigos Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 16th 2008


A1Don't Talk

The third release from Amigos Recordings now Available! Amigos 001 and 002 were some of the best records that came out on these last months, and were played and charted by many of the biggest DJs in the world such as Charles Siegling, Preach, Dave The Drummer, and many others. DJ Murphy from Brazil also included 3 tracks from Amigos Recordings on his mixed CD Lets go Techno that just came out by Beat Disaster. The following releases are sure to be at the same level than Primeiro and Segundo EPs, and will have the collaboration of Dave the Drummer, A.Paul, Preach, Michal Poliak, DJ Murphy, DJ Link, and other fine producers. The guest for the third release is greek Top producer Axel Karakasis, who is releasing some of his best productions on Amigos For Terceiro EP, he produced Dont Talk, witch is a smashing dancefloor track, with great beats, vocals and synth. Absurd, another great and magic techno track, and Revitalize, that is another perfect sound combination from this great greek producer. Another record that high performance Djs must have on their cases. Watch out for Amigos 004! Will come out just on time for this summers best parties and festivals. with a bomb track from DJ Link long time awaited to be released, and remixes from Dave The Drummer, A. Paul and DJ Murphy.