Sexto EP

Dj Link & J-Nat

Record label
Amigos Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 29th 2009


A1Impression Original5:58
A2Impressionremix Peppelino6:00
B1Impressionremix David Moleon6:38
B2Impressionremix Darkrow5:53

New release from Amigos Recs. with a bomb track from DJ Link and J-Nat, and remixes from David Moleon, Peppelino and Darkrow. It is with no surprise that Amigos recs. is becoming one of the most wanted labels on today's techno scene. Bringing together some of the best artists from the four corners of the globe: Preach, Axel Karakasis, A.Paul, Dave the Drummer, Wehbba, and other fine producers. Amigos was able to maintain the high standards established since its very first release with Valentino Kanzyani. For the sixth release, Portuguese DJ Link produced another dance floor bomb together with Spanish artist J-Nat. Entitled 'Impression', it is one of the songs that we will see charted by many of the biggest DJs in the forthcoming months. As if this wasn't enough, label owner DJ Link invited a selection of fine producers to make the remixes this track deserved. So, 'Sexto EP' from Amigos recordings will also feature three amazing remixes from Spanish artists David Moleon and Darkrow, and also Hungarian producer Peppelino. Place your backorder copy now!!! You won't want to miss this crucial 4 tracker. Watch out for Amigos 007 to come out early this summer with more great tracks from your favorite producers!