Simone Tavazzi remix Perc

Record label
Analytic Trail
Catalog Number
ANT 23
Release Date
February 16th 2009


A1Poltergeistremix Perc7:31
B1Way Out6:25

Simone Tavazzi do it again! Its still by him the new Analytic trails release, the number 23 for the precision of Markantonios label. This time the young Milanese producer dedicated to a style with dark aftertaste, but rich in intensity and rare sounds. The track Poltergeist, which you can hear the exceptional remix by English Perc from Perc Trax, Drumcode ,Kopakt, as it is an entity that will dominate clubs, your car and your minds, we will be catapulted into a long journey! And yet the track Way out, there is no way out, you can just dance and make people move all night long.