When Grounds Shift

'aphtc' a.k.a. Kl.ne & CRΞSC

Record label
Arcane Patterns
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 17th 2018


A1When Grounds Shift (The Otolith is Obsolete)
B1Gravity's Pitfalls

Arcane Patterns is a vinyl & digital label that encompasses kinetic body music by translating sacred codes, mathematical polyrhythms and dooming moods, catering to both the club and the home listener. Shaped by the emancipatory energies of the hardcore/punk scene in their youth, Berlin & Mainz-based duo 'aphtc' (aka Kl.ne & CR SC) now immerse themselves in the realms of bass-heavy club music, sonic fiction and syncopated hyperstition. Limited to 300 copies with unique artwork which quotes the late great Mark Fisher, this 12" meticulously executes the modern-day UK Techno/Bass sound design with clean tensity and dread. Don't sleep. The 12inch When Grounds Shift by the duo aphtc is a visceral trip into a sonic fiction, in which everything is out of balance. Rhythms take over your sensory system in order to resonate in a new way and your muscles are tricked by spontaneous desires. While the intricate breakbeat on When Grounds Are Shifting (The Otolith Is Obsolete) create a dialogue with the genderless vocals samples, counterpointed by sudden strikes of visceral subbass, the jungle inspired B side Gravity`s Pitfalls starts with clusters of atonal clouds peaking in a trembling bass drop followed by polymetric drum patterns that sketch spaces of radical autonomy. Inspired by the intriguing aesthetics of the Hardcore Continuum and the sonic language of noise and bassmusic, this idiosyncratic record takes a great step forward to shape a colourful future.