Forgotten Tones - Solid yellow vinyl


Record label
Audio Plants Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 25th 2015


A1Forgotten TonesNuage5:31
A2I See The LightHidden Element & Liquid Break feat. Kiyomi remix Nuage7:08
B1Who We Are [house music side]Nuage5:50

Dark analog bass, old vinyl click, elements of jungle breaks and adventurous synths of "Forgotten Tones". Metronomic rhythm, howling wind, echo, drops of water and the cold, soothing vocal of Kiyomi and Hidden Element pads from "I See The Light" in autonomic sound remix. Classical eurodance tracks samples, heavy 4x4 beat and sawing synthesizer pads of house track named Who we are All of this conceptual and limited vinyl only release that includes a journey into the unique world that combines past, present and future.