Record label
Catalog Number
ARMS 017
Release Date
January 11th 2010


A1 ShiftTakaaki Itoh4:32
A2Simple And SimplicityGo Hiyama5:05
B1Of The FleshKyoudai Itsumo6:06
B2Blunt WeaponAsagaoaudio5:10

Arms goes Japan! On the seventeenth cut we present a mindblowing Japanese line up, which will take you straight to the land of the rising sun. We welcome the talented newcomers Asagaoaudio and Kyoudai Itsumo, both part of the new wave of Japanese industrial techno producers. Beside fresh blood we also present some experience on the black gold. Takaaki Itoh and Go Hiyama have been partners in crime on stage for a while now and it's about time they share the same vinyl on Arms. Prepare for some cutting edge, razorsharp dark metallic rhythms and sonic structures straight from Japan. Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric: Like all the tracks and will definitely be playing. Hiyama's is rough! Great stuff from the newcomers too. Rob Hall: great stuff, especially the takaaki itoh track. Virgil Enzinger: awesome industrial techno sounds, my favourite is the Asagaoaudio track!! Kr!z (Token rds): japan rules, love the hiyama track & the asagaoaudio one. will play for sure. Perc: Its all good music but 'Shift' is my favourite track. I'll play these in Japan in December! The Advent: prefer Asagaoaudio - Blunt Weapon. Patrick DSP: very nice experimental/broken grooves that will work perfectly to add a bit of WTF in any banging set.