Smooth / Sharp


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October 6th 2017



Next up on the influential Artreform Records label is the boss himself, aka Kyiv-based DJ and producer Yevgeniy Joss. Often turning out tracks that sit high in the Juno and Decks charts, Joss has a high-quality sound that ranges from slick tech to deep house and now he proves that once more. Up first is Smooth, an infectious groove with lively synths scurrying about and bringing lots of dynamism to the drums. The percussion is crisp and the whole thing feels spaced out and futuristic. It's busy and brimming with energy and will get any floor on its toes. Sharp is a darker number with more menace in the drums. They are rubbery and supple and run through with edgy little synth lines. The track grows wilder as it unfolds and will really work dance floors into a lather. Once again the master Joss shows just why he is such a tastemaker in the underground dance scene.