Hard Light


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 21st 2018


A1Hard Light6:11
B1Vision Of Eternity5:12
B2Desperate Flourish4:24

Farrago created a name for himself in this short time taking back the real roots of techno and rave and putting them in a new context... we said new, not different. This is his 3rd record on the label, and this time he goes beyond the idea of reminiscing the past, 'Hard Light' shows how the rave can be alive in everyone of us, and absolutely not changing the formula he gives us this beautiful feeling of being back in the past, while you dig in a record shop and you find something that hits you, in our past was that record that gave us memories. In this case the work of this record is almost double, the record itself reminisces the past, but gives good hope for the future of genuine rave music without compromises.