Double Axle / Dread Moon / Jade & Matt-U

Record label
Audio Fiction
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 22nd 2008


A1Double AxleChris.su5:36
B1Dread MoonJade & Matt-U6:00 - Double Axle is known for his originality and extreme high quality when it comes to production. The Hungarian native is seen as a seminal leader in forward thinking and future origin beats, showing his ideas stretch far and beyond the normal grasps of the mind. His latest production, 'Double Axle', is an extra large offering of power, aggressiveness and hostility. Hard, chugging beats combined with an intimidating dialogue lead to an intrusive affair between producer and listener, with the former coming out alive after the vicious battle. Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon Sticking with the Hungarian theme, two of the countries highly coveted producers team up to deliver an infectious and raucous arrangement of beats and basslines in the haunting case of 'Dread Moon'. Led with likes of a psycho echo synth, some monster filth ridden mid lines, a nasty funk swing and an evil creeping bassline, the dancefloor is no place for weak souls as the moon is in full flight on this twisted night.