Main Squeeze Remixes


Record label
Bass Agenda Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 8th 2014


A1Main Squeeze
A2Main Squeezeremix Boris Divider
B1Main Squeezeremix Simplicity Is Beauty
B2Main Squeezeremix BS-1
B3Main Squeezeremix The Exaltics

Cutting edge electronics with the dark, sweaty and serious dance floor in mind. From the outset w1b0 s mission to carve out his own sound in this era of cut and paste and production shortcuts has led to recognition by genre champions such as Rolf Mulder and Dave Clarke; indeed his first formal appearance on physical media was as part of Dave Clarke s seminal Fabric 60 CD. The original mix of Main Squeeze is an electro epic; straight to business with a growling bass line sitting beneath room filling drums combining to lay foundation for a soaring synth invasion. The four remixes see four artists who represent the cream of talent in the many shades of the authentic modern electro genre transforming Main Squeeze into new dance floor destroying shapes. Ranging from borderline industrial breaks from Simplicity is Beauty to the punchy experimentation of Boris Divider and from the unmistakeable raw sound and energy of The Exaltics to the flawless dark electronics of BS-1. Supported by Dave Clarke, Igloo Magazine, and more.