Record label
Bass Agenda Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 4th 2016


A1TheosophistDmitry Distant
A2LobotomyDmitry Distant
A3ContemplationDmitry Distant
A4Lobotomy Dmitry Distant remix Obergman
B2Not For MankindLectromagnetique

Dmitry Distant s side of the record sees a journey through abstract soundscapes, hefty dark atmospheric Techno and Electro, rounded off nicely by a dark funk injected remix from Sweden s Obergman. All made live with machines, Dmitry s tracks are the authentic type of electronic music the popular scene would have you forget. No surprise then that his live schedule is taking him across Europe including a gig alongside the mighty Rude66 and Luke Eargoggle in Berlin. Lectromagnetique takes you on a ride through some edgy, acidic and melancholic broken techno experiences. Whilst many seek to portray that cold, sci-fi, and industrial vibe in their music, few get to draw on the experiences of living in the Pripyat region on Chernobyl s doorstep. As you listen you can feel and visualise places you would otherwise never dare tread or let your mind wander to. Supported by Dave Clarke (including best of Electro 2016), Helena Hauff, The Black Dog, Mix Mag (album of the month) and more.