Franck Kartell

Record label
Bass Agenda Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 28th 2016


A2Reactions En Chaine
B2Les Intuitions Du Destin
B3L'illusion Du Hasard
C2Destin Ou Fatalite
D2Conscience Universelle
D3Le Regne Du Chaos

Franck Kartell's third full length release on Bass Agenda Recordings sees him continuing to do what he has done since he began this creative trajectory of making concept driven albums; pushing himself, his art and your experience as a listener, into new realms. As with his last album La jette d'Orly, this next chapter in Kartell's adventures in creativity is inspired and influenced by the cinematic works and writing of Chris Marker. Following on from sell out albums 'Afterlife' and 'La jette d'Orly' the new double vinyl album 'Coincidences' immerses you in 12 distinct scenes, painted with sound. To transport a listener to another plain within seconds is not easy, yet it is something Franck Kartell achieves here not once but 12 times in a row; sustaining the illusion of escape throughout each track, cradling your mind as it experiences beauty, majesty, fear, darkness, peace and wonder. Supported by Thomas H Green (The Arts Desk), Dave Clarke (including best Electro of 2016), Timeline music and many more.