Magnolie EP


Record label
Baum Records
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A1Cosmic BlastResoe
B1Cosmic BlastResoe remix Norman Nodge
B2Dusty GroundsResoe

The labelhead Resoe returns with a 3 track ep that contains a remix of Cosmic Blast by Berghain resident Norman Nodge (MDR/Ostgut Ton) On the a side Resoe delivers a floor mover with fat moving bass and dusty chords that for sure packs the floor. The first track on the b side Norman Nodge gives Cosmic Blast his trademark touch of dirty simple techno. The breakdown in the middle will make your woofers bleed! The second track on the b side is a dub techno track with lots of elements from a 2 hour field recording Resoe did in his backyard from the studio. The track builds up slowly and ends in a smooth groovy atmosphere.