Record label
Binary Cells
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 26th 2020


A1RainMichal Jablonski2:03
A2HiggsMichal Jablonsi7:04
A3FragileMichal Jablonski5:58
B1HiggsMichal Jablonski remix VSK6:12
B2FragileMichal Jablonski remix Kwartz5:36

Michal Jablonski strikes back on Binary Cells. Almost two years have passed since his last appearance and his banging remix of Casual Treatment's - 99 Reasons. This time the Warsaw based producer is back with his unique touch and we gladly present "Higgs", a flawless stomper 12". A1 "Rain" is the intro track with a cinematic movie thriller approach driving us in a cold an uncertain atmosphere leading to "Higgs", a post-apocalyptic atmosphere gem combining mesmerizing and mechanic cuts clearly designed for dancefloors. The third gem of this side is "Fragile", an obscure story full of dark energies and shrill noises, transporting the audience into an obscure journey. VSK and Kwartz decided to join their forces, showing their finest cuts on the B-side "Higgs" has been totally reinterpreted by VSK in a UK approach making it a stomping and flammable gem. Kwartz also added his vision to "Fragile", transforming it in a pure dark ritual.