eyond Collapsing Silence [w/ Florian Kupfer remix]


Record label
Beef Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 29th 2018


A1Beyond Collapsing Silence
B1Depth Scanremix Florian Kupfer
B2Depth Scan

SUPPORT: Ben UFO (Hessle), Oli_N (Phonica), Ander B (Robsoul), Eltron John (Uncanny Valley), Simon Caldwell (FBI radio), Herzel (Hivern Disc), Nori (Posivision), Sascha Funke, Nathan G, Dmitry (Neo Violence) Acid influenced many of us. In fact, for a huge proportion of us, acid kicked off this sweaty, painful, yet incredibly fulfilling journey. The 2 originals by Dircsen utilize the 303 in different ways - the opener 'Beyond Collapsing Silence' sounds like an instant acid house classic with its energetic drums & dreamy atmosphere, whilst 'Depth Scan' slows it down, focusing more on hypnosis. Rounding off the 3-track EP is an idiosyncratic remix of 'Depth Scan' by L.I.E.S. legend, Florian Kupfer. A dubbed out original gets well and truly saturated.