My Galactic Tale - no sales in the UK


Record label
Blackout Music NL
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 5th 2016


02Neon City5:26
03Project Flare4:35
04Critical State5:17
05Queen Beth V4:37
08The Towering Inferno4:35
10Lost Signal4:51
11 Rascals4:29
12Triple B4:34
13Shovel Groove3:46
14The Story Of Sidus2:40
15Bad Omen5:06

Neonlight have emerged from the shadows to become one of the leading lights in modern Drum & Bass, and in My Galactic Tale it seems that they have found a way to truly cement themselves into the fabric of the genre for years to come. With a catalogue spanning major D&B arteries such as RAM, Viper, BSE, Bad Taste & Ammunition Recordings, it's no wonder Tobias & Jakob are hot property and a more than worthy addition to Black Sun Empire's Blackout Music family. If Ed Rush & Optical license three tracks for their FabricLive compilation, Andy C wants to add you to the RAMLife track list and you jet off to Australia & New Zealand for a label tour, then you must be doing something right. My Galactic Tale builds on the solid foundations laid in previous releases. Always packed full of energy and creativity, Neonlight's productions have been decimating dancefloors the world over for years and this experience can clearly be heard throughout the LP. From the atmospheric breakdowns of Queen Beth V and Ignition to the unrelenting pace of Microbots, each and every element has been carefully crafted for maximum impact. Juicy hooks, sumptuous melodies and pounding, almost death-defying basslines are the order of the day for Neonlight, all packaged beautifully in a 16 track long player that is sure to be a favourite with the duo's fans and set to elevate them even higher in the drum & bass standings.