Rhythm Of Life - Only benelux sales!


Record label
Blackout Music NL
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 18th 2016


02Microwave Radiation
03Veins ft. Thomas Oliver
04Cut The Midrange
05Fade Away
06Solar Walk
09Pure Frequency
10Rumble Of Thunder
11Thursday Funk

Blackout continue their global search for the next 'everyman' DnB producer and, by jove, inRido they've found an absolute gem. Friction has picked up on 'Fade Away', battering it on his BBC Radio 1 show, and many other DnB luminaries are jumping on the Rido train for good reason. Having cut his teeth on a number of high-profile labels such as Subtitles, Viper, Hospitaland Metalheadz to name a few, Rido's stock is set to rise stratospherically with this well-constructed and honestly- conceived longplayer, 'Rhythm Of Life'. The origin of the word Rido comes from clan conflict in the Philippines, and whether or not that was the inspiration behind the moniker, the sentiment is strong and true across this debut album offering. Packed full of tough beats and scintillating basslines punctuated with vocal excerpts is a delight for and assault on the senses in equal measure. Reflective, personal, intelligent - these are all words we can easily associate with the Czech DJ as he effortlessly zips from one high-octane dance floor killer to another. Whether it's the rave-inspired, euphoric sound of 'Thursday Funk' or the straight up and down toughness of 'Movin', there's a little something for everyone inside.