Slowjac EP [vinyl only]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 24th 2018


A1Frontal RainfallLowjac6:42
A2Hatfield JunkLowjac5:56
B1Frontal Rainfall (XDB Goodtimes Mix)Lowjac remix XDB6:30

Lowjac demonstrates his versatile sound and production style, on a unique debut vinyl only release, featuring an exceptional remix crafted by Metrolux label boss XDB. 'Frontal Rainfall' is a sublime dub techno piece , subtly infused with organic textures, while its driving rhythm unravels into an acoustic journey of dreamy realms and atmospheric moods. 'Hatfield Junk' drifts without warning to a futuristic hip-hop direction, triggered by offset beats, cosmic synths and cinematic samples easing into an unpredictable breakdown workout. 'Hatfield Junk (XDB Good Times Mix)' is an entirely a different approach, signified by XDB's ability to elevate the original track (on to another level).