2020 New Sound By EP [full colour sleeve]

Various Artists

Record label
Blueskin Badger
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 6th 2020


A12020 New Sound By VIP
A22020 Sellout VIP
B1New Sound By...?

This is a 4 track EP which has the original 1992 mixes on one side remastered with 2020 VIP mixes on the other side. Written and produced by I. Clifton, J. Higgs & J. Emery. VIP's by S. McCutcheon & I. Clifton. Full colour sleeve with a nod to the original 1992 studio location on the cover, Bowes Lyons skate park and youth centre in Stevenage. "A massive thanks to Mike and Blueskinbadger Records. When someone knocks on your door and tells you that your old tunes from over 20 years ago are still being played and appreciated and that they want to re release them again. What more can I say. Happy f###ing days, smash the s##t out of it ! - Iain Clifton"