Embers EP


Record label
Bun The Grid
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 16th 2019


A2The AwakeningJ-Shadow
A3No GravityJ-Shadow
B1EmbersJ-Shadow remix Danny Scrilla
B2The AwakeningJ-Shadow remix Etch

The 6th vinyl release on BTG sees a newcomer to the label and a relative newcomer to the scene taking the reins. In his short time on the electronic radar J-Shadow has already had releases on Nous Disques, Car Crash Set, PRIME, The Collection Artaud, eatmybeat, Dissident Sound and Dream Eater. BTG006 sees a full showcase of his sonic array driven by rough bass, ghostly pads, acute percussion and influences from the entire electronic spectrum. Embers is a grimey monster that drives with purpose and energy from the very top, J-Shadows signature sounds instantly invade your ears as the track builds into a weapon capable of destroying any dance floor. The release then swoops down to a grizzly techno-esque stomper, with a slower build than title track Embers, The Awakening serves to show off this producers more subtle techniques that allow for an almost 7 minute journey into the belly of a Berlin beast. As if that wasn t enough the final original on this EP No Gravity pays homage to the higher tempo sounds that BTG have been trail-blazing for some time now, a 160BPM pile-driver with murky bass, knifelike breaks and a wonky build that will keep the listener on their toes. BTG006 s B-Side sticks to the remixing ethos of the label with two legends taking the helm. B1 is a Danny Scrilla flip of the title track Embers which needs no explanation, pure energy from the top and then Etch fly kicks The Awakening into a 123bpm air pumping foot stomping techno track designed to sub bass to destroy tower blocks.