Beautifull Bytes

N.Phect & Dizplay

Record label
Catalog Number
BWCD 003
Release Date
August 28th 2006


1White Russian
2My Velvet Morning
4MoFoN.Phect vs. Complex
5Tsunami (2006 VIP Rmx)
6Shining ThroughDizplay
7Beyond the Invisible
8Damn WireTGM remix N.Phect & Dizplay

N.Phect & Dizplay come up with the next generation in D&B: two young brothers from Cologne, with the real surname Wild, both studied in technical and musical skills, push the levels one step further. Pure mayhem, but still catchy. Dark, but happier (compared to Noisia or Phace with whom there is a collaboration on the album), and very funky with more straightforward energy. These two are one of the first neurofunk acts to finish an outstanding and versatile neurofunk D&B album: "Beautiful Bytes". After their sold out first 12" in late 2003. "The Syndicate" b/w "Velvet Morning" (Basswerk 20) which was even picked in the US by Dieselboy , Nphect & Dizplay released some tracks in 2005 & 2006 on various renowned labels like Renegade Hardware, Full Force, U3R, Citrus - the best new tracks plus some great remixes of vinyl hits have been compiled for this album.