Krakpot Remixes - REMASTERED


Record label
Close 2 Death
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 13th 2013


A1Krakpotremix Jade5:20
B1Krakpotremix Billain6:04

FRESH RE-MASTERED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE Close 2 Death Recordings is proud to present: Optiv - Krakpot Remixes EP. Arguably one of the most anticipated drum and bass releases of 2012, this EP sees the legendary Optiv's track 'Krakpot' re-imagined by two undisputed kings of neurofunk - Jade and Billain. With support from Ed Rush, Optical, Black Sun Empire, Dom & Roland, Optiv, Neonlight, Mampi Swift, Xilent, Maztek, Inside Info, and Blokhe4d to name just a few, this EP promises to be a landmark release for C2D and an enduring classic bound to smash dancefloors for years to come. Jade (Budapest, HU) kicks off the EP with his excessively sinister remix, a punchy take on Optiv's original with a particularly malevolent bassline injection. Dreary atmospherics and foreboding sirens ring out during the intro, setting the track's tone over simple yet perfectly calculated drums. As the introduction comes to a close, those sirens provide a moment of anxiety as they fade alone into the darkness. Then it hits - a menacing, infectious bassline taking all who hear it prisoner. Its dark nature is enticing like forbidden fruit and made only more potent by the drums' re-introduction, as the track drops into its aggressive signature groove. This is a virus worth contracting. On the flip, Billain (Sarajevo, BA) delivers a remix in a completely new direction, transporting the track outside the organic realm into the synthetic. Ominous strings add a new melodic dimension to 'Krakpot' during the outset, bleak and cold, as though looking ahead into the dark future. Billain spares no time in thrusting you forward, breaking things down briefly before initiating a trademark exercise in drum programming and expert sound design. The plastic bass cuts through the mix like a razor, with a surgical precision reserved for the elite. Billain once again paints an aural landscape of the future, so vivid it may as well be real. Are you ready?