Hannibal LP disc AB

Various Artists

Record label
Cannibal Society
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 16th 2013


A1CervixViper XXL
A2UntitledAnthropophagus & JPH
B1UntitledFrank Kvitta
B2Remember meOrman Bitch

The world was shook by a series of evil man-eating phenomenas like The Gray Man, Ed Gein, The Rostov Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer - but now these will face their superior master: The Hannibal strikes one more and presents a 3 disq mayhem pack which will cause some serious dismemberment and bone crushing torture! Since most of the main players have a copy of this huge album in the bag, the buzz has been going round that the Hannibal is coming amoungst the hungry crowd. Hannibal embraces the best blasters of the most popular players about and with this one in your possession you'll need to look no more. Watch out for the HUGE Solariumbitch - this fierce and catchy monster takes things to the next level and the amuzing vocal snippet make it that special tune you'll remember after six hour quest of hard, cutting techno!