Criminal Beat Cartel 01

Miss Torn & Davy Schwarz

Record label
Criminal Beat Cartel
Catalog Number
CBC 001
Release Date
November 5th 2007


A279Pinto (Dark and Dirty Mix)remix Ben Long
B179Pinto (Haul Mix)remix Ben Long
B279Pintoremix Mike Humphries

Dj Miss Torn belongs to best french female djanes. From Cardiff to Monaco she performs in all Europe. Specialized in punchy Techno - London to Chicago sounds, she also plays Progressive House and Minimale techno. She featured in famous magasine MAX in 2005 and played live on the mytic radio B.B.C. Radio Wales (UK). She was the 1rst female dj to perform in Doha - Qatar (Arabian Gulf). She now launches her Criminal Beat Cartel together with Davy Schwarz - a welcome additional to respected labels like 50Hz, Nerven, Jackstar and Bass heavy Music! Davy Schwarz is a talented french dj and producer. Booked in Eastern Germany biggest clubs and in France, his sound is groovy and dancebable, from House or Breakbeat, to harder sounds.