The Rebellion Of The Overman Part 1

J.C. a.k.a. Jose Cabrera

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 1st 2016


A1The Rebellion Of The Overman
A2Will To Power
B1The Rebellion Of The Overman
B2Eternal Return

Heady and spaced out seductive techno by J.C. aka Jose Cabrera who made a storming debut with his fine album on Fred P's Soul People Music some time ago and released on labels such as Tresor, Deeply Rooted, Symbolism. Now he is launching his own new label, Cabrera. Starting with his personal project, but with releases in the pipeline by Tadeo and Population One. This 1st release that includes a strong remix by Jonas Kopp will be the starting point of an adventurous fresh new Techno label that is promissing to reach for the dark corners of the dancefloors! A rich and varied Ep that launches the new Cabrera label in a great manner