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November 14th 2016


A2XenopeltisKastil remix Dario Zenker

Proper atmospheric techno tracks on the new Cabrera label! Killer Dario Zenker remix included! The small but perfectly formed Cabrera label is to release a first EP from someone other than the Spanish label boss himself. It comes from Kastil and features two fantastic originals as well as a remix by Munich techno tastemaker Dario Zenker. Kastil is the Soul Notes label boss and is a producer and DJ who, for the last five years plus, has been setting his own agenda. From deepest, jazziest house to raw industrial techno and plenty in between, he has a singular style that is full of energy and always makes a big impact. This new EP proves that once more. Opener 'Vedanta' is a dark, foggy cut with muffled but driving drums down low, a lot of lofi dirt hanging in the air and skittish percussive hits darting about in a brooding chamber of sound. It is intense and steamy stuff for warehouse spaces in the dead of night. 'Xenopeltis' on the flip is a different animal: this one is eight minutes of loose breakbeats and urban soul that is melancholic and emotive but forceful at the same time. Remixing is Illian Tape cofounder Dario Zenker who has almost single handedly revived broken beat techno with the work of his label. His version is crunchy and old school, with rattling rave energy off set by serene synth work. It is an impactful track that rounds out a terrific techno EP.