No Spiritual Surrender

J.C & Kastil

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 30th 2017


A1Belligerent With Dogma
A2Pagan Or Heathen
A3Edge Of Stigma
B1The Ignorance Of Misperception
B3Beldur Izan
C2Rituals In Kunduz
C3Through The Believer
D1Compassion & Evidence
D2Bendita Demencia

J.C aka Jose Cabrera and Kastil collaborate and come with the exciting results. A fresh blend of fierce techno, ambience, industrial, noise and found sounds recordings. A full length captivating album that pushes and pulls you through an edgy and engaging world of sound. Part 1 mixes up trance-inducing deep techno with punishing drum programming. Synths have a life of their own as they whip and snap about and bring a post apocalyptic sense of foreboding. Some tracks are abstract modular gurgles and others are lo-fi, heavily textured affairs that are beguiling beautiful. The use of modular synths lends the whole thing an unpredictable and analogue feel that makes is bristle and brim with life throughout. Part 2 focuses on more suspensory ambient sounds. It means tracks zone you out and get you thinking, with distant melodies drifting next to warm solar winds. When drums do appear they are deep down below and dubbed out affairs that unfold slowly. A album that keeps you locked from start till end!