Where Is The Champion?

Timothy J. Fairplay

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 20th 2017


01Night Strike On Fish Island
02RZ Runners
03Where Is The Champion
05Messengers Of Deception
06Deeds Not Words
07Lake Of The Sun
08A Whisper In The Darkness
09Seven Corners
10Ferox 3
11The Bronx Stasi
12FM Pirate Cemetary Mystery

Charlois present Where is the Champion, Timothy J. Fairplay's first full length solo album. Twelve shifting, shuffling and shimmering tracks make up this debut. Cruising the highways and byways between proto-techno, horror disco and forlorn wave, Fairplay conjures up his creations from metal and smoke. Saturated snares, clipped claps and warbling chords are dusted with distortion. And this idea of distortion, manipulation and the blurred line is omnipresent. Innocent and sinister, cruel and playful, accepted boundaries are brazenly ignored as engines growl and synthlines soar.