Blood on our hands / Rage and Rapture

Quadrant & Cease

Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 8th 2007


A1Blood on our handsQuadrant & Cease
B1Rage and RaptureQuadrant & Cease

Leigh Caplan & Daniel Pollard are the 2 masterminds behind the Quadrant formation. An formation that has almost 20 years of musical history together and thats definatley not an understatement! Blood On Our Hands is a roller only these guys could make.. The recipe is a combination of daring edits, hypnotic vocals & heavy beats injected with a huge dose of funk! Rage & Rapture is on a more passionate tip with soothing female vocals and lovely atmosferic pads. A tune that will definatley capture the hearts of many people. Playsupport: Vicious Circle, Nocturnal, Ed Rush, Noisia, Phace, Break, Silent Witness, Squire & many more!