Wishes / Sooner or Later


Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 21st 2010


B1Sooner or Later

Citrus is BACK! back with the freshness that you know citrus always delivers.. For release no 41 the Citrus camp pumps up the game with the brand new formation from Austria called "Fourward" Forward thinking music for forward thinking people.. This release shows that Citrus still knows how to spot talent like they did in the past with people like BSE, Noisia, Mindscape, Jade, Phace etc. Fresh off their release with fellow producers Body & Soul on Virus they start off their Citrus debut with "Wishes" a heavy dancefloor tune that keeps the balance between trance & funk like no other tune out there today.. The heavy basslines roars through your speakers to show what dnb was all out in the past BASS! A great peaktime weapon for upcoming festivals to keep the crowd and get those hands up in the air! The B side "Sooner or Later" keeps it on a more mellow tip.. By taking the sound back a few notches Fourward shows its not all about bangers.. High quality listening music for the dancefloor and the living room.. You dont see many producers do that today! Keep an eye out for these boys cause their rumbling up a storm of releases you cant keep up to!