Turning Point

Rregula & Dementia

Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 31st 2014


02Insects inside
04Terra Nova (with Incident)
05Melt (feat. MC Kryptomedic)
06Doom Loop (with Disphonia)
07Fallin (feat. Sarah Pellicano)
08Joy and Sorrow (with Cain Mos)
09Turning Point
10Doom Loopremix Mefjus
11Timelineremix Optiv & BTK
12Life on Earthremix Twisted facts
13Dedication (feat. MC Marvellous)
15Bonus Track: Ocean Catchremix TR Tactics

Dutch drum & bass imprint Citrus Recordings has been renowned for kick starting the careers of numerous acts in the present day drum & bass scene. After releasing their last LP early 2013 they now push forward an Australian/German combo better known as Rregula & Dementia! The full project will be released on two 12'' pieces of wax and a CD. The first 12'' contains ''Doom Loop'' by Rregula, Dementia & Disphonia and ''Melt'' featuring MC Kryptomedic. Hard hitting drum & bass, the boys prove they know how to lay down some serious neuro pressure. For the second 12'' three heavyweights put their mark on the ''Turning Point'' project creating a pair of superb remixes. Using the original version of ''Timeline'' Optiv & BTK flip the track into a hefty stepper with a killer build up that can't be ignored. This one is bound to inflict damage on the dancefloor! On the flip Austrian inhabitant Mefjus steps up with a remix of ''Doom Loop'' turning it into a stripped back body-moving riddim. Not to be taken lightly. As if two twelve inches weren't enough the CD is packed with a couple of killer tracks. Expect collabs with the likes of Disphonia, Incident and guest performances by vocalists Sarah Pelicano, MC Kryptomedic and MC Marvelous. Clear cut production, innovative sounds and structures make this already one of the go get albums of 2014. Get with it!