Juiceblender part II Album Sampler 2

Psidream & Pacific / Rregula & Dementia

Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 18th 2008


A1InsecurePsidream & Pacific
B1FortressRregula & Dementia

You cant deny this one! Citrus is back with another action packed, funk fueled Juiceblender LP called "Food For The Dogz" Psidream & Pacific are up for the A side with their tune "Insecure" No doubt about this one.. psychotic atmospherics combined with growling basslines and percussive beats..! The B side holds "The Fortress" A collab between newfound production duo Rregula & Dementia.. its raw.. its dirty and it will tear you apart like a couple of Doberman hounds.. A Quality sampler with enough chunky bits to keep any mangey mutt satisfied till the end!