Venom LP


Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 25th 2010


C1No CureJade
D1VenomJade feat. RymeTyme
E1This Is My WorldJade remix Icicle
F1MoblawJade & Matt-U
G1StasisBlack Sun Empire remix Jade
H1BansheeJade & Mindscape
I1Forged RealityJade
J1Dirt DiverJade & Mindscape & Axiom

Hungary is the fresh birthplace of so many top producers within the DnB scene.. Mindscape, Matt-U,, SKC... But this one producer has managed to produce so many killer tracks Citrus could not just leave it alone... This Producer is Jade.. And his Venom LP is the result of his hard work. A deadly collection of productions that, once injected into the eardrum will grasp the host track by track untill there isnt anything left! The LP starts off with the track suitably named "No Cure"... A Lethal tune that will keep you grasping for air every time.. This Teched out battering-ram is made for even the biggest powerhouses to get blown to pieces in just a single hit.. "Hit em in between the eyes" click click BOOM! Then flip it over for the title track "Venom" where Jade teams up with the legendary Rymetyme!... This time things get different as the rugged sounds will take down venues limb by limb like you havent heard before. Heavy over the top Neuro sounds rampage through the speakers to break loose the mayhem! Disc 2 contains the Icicle rework of "This Is My World" (the original features on the sampler) stripping down the original to an ice cold minimalistic sound.. Oldskool tech-steppin vibes are definatly the case here but with an upgraded 2009 feel! Then for side 4 Jade teams up with longtime producer friend Matt-U.. They did their first release together so this was a logical step. And if logical could sound so phat as this.. then logical is the way to go.. Moblaw is a straight up elblow greaser thatll make you get messy on the dancefloor. The funk just oozes off this tight production thatll make you scream for more! Then on to disc 3... where Jade remixes three of his best friends.. namely the dutch trio thats Black Sun Empire. This remix tributes the trio as they where the first ones to recognise the skill of Jade's production.. But now its time to repay the favor as his remix gives stasis that extra piece of fire it needed as it turns into a piece of dancefloor filth like no other. Have the tables turned? Then for the flip Jade teams up with another group of comrades.. namely the Mindscape boys! These guys arent by all means strangers to the Citrus label so their track "Banshee" fits on here like Rum & Coke.. Just listen and let yourself get transported to the early 2000 era of DnB. But with a heavy 2009 taste. Then for the final disc.. Jade goes all solo style with Forged Reality.. this shows how versatile Jade can be when he's alone in the studio. halfstep, rolling this one goes from the one to the next without any trouble.. Then for the last one.. Jade doesnt sees the last tune to be a tune to be neglected.. So on this one he goes all out with Mindscape & Axiom! Heavy synthy basslines rip open the track just be pummled by the beat towering beats that make this tune a pounder beyond propertions!