Forged Reality / Dirt Diver

Jade / Mindscape / Axiom

Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 16th 2012


A1Forged Reality Jade
B1Dirt Diver Jade / Mindscape & Axiom

As the Album is sold out we now offer only the VERY LIMITED 12" DISCS of the album. Hungary is the fresh birthplace of so many top producers within the DnB scene. Mindscape, Matt-U,, SKC... But this one producer has managed to produce so many killer tracks Citrus could not just leave it alone. This Producer is Jade. And his Venom LP is the result of his hard work. A deadly collection of productions that, once injected into the eardrum will grasp the host track by track untill there isnt anything left! The final disc: Jade goes all solo style with Forged Reality. This shows how versatile Jade can be when he's alone in the studio. halfstep, rolling this one goes from the one to the next without any trouble. On the last one of the album he goes all out with Mindscape & Axiom! Heavy synthy basslines rip open the track just be pummled by the beat towering beats that make this tune a pounder beyond propertions!