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Black Sun Empire / Rawtekk / Quadrant

Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 18th 2015


A1Crash BunnyBlack Sun Empire
B1UnpleasantBlack Sun Empire
E1Built For WarQuadrant

Black Sun Empire coming on strong with something completely unexpected. BSE delivers a deep moody beautiful release, with original beats, soundscapes and bouncy bassline... No words for this one.. This is perfect for the label. On the flip is a hard stomping acid fuelled drum&bass roller by Mindscape & jade.. --- Citrus is back with another essential 12 from new citrus artist RAWTEKK.. this release is one those records you cant keep laying around.. after his big release with phace on subtitles he's back for more devastation.. By giving the neuro sounds a brand new twist he's creating his own spot within the dnb scene.. Respond is a tune that has ed & op 2020 written all over it.. future beats for future people a sick virus-esque stomper in true RAWTEKK fashion. Distaste takes it even further.. pounding like a giant basketball true the venue, left right up down this tune is alllll over the place.. No stopping this german enforcer!! --- Quadrant their Citrus saga continues with another high quality release packaged in yet another Mesk sleeve thats just to heavy to be true. The 12 kicks off with Built for War.. and this title isnt lying one bit, filthy reeces rampage over this stomping beat, the quality just ooses off it. Quadrant delivers! The flip holds Mascara, this one has neuro written all over it. Hear the quality, the funk, the power this dancefloor killer is one for the people who cant get enough of, Optiv, Noisia, Fierce, Break, Silent Witness and all of the other neuroheads. Quadrant delivers!!!