Quo Vadis / Sparticus


Record label
Claque Musique
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 19th 2010


A1Quo Vadis 8:49
A2Quo Vadis (Massimo Di Lena Remix)remix Massimo Di Lena7:02
B2Sparticus (Massimo Di Lena Remix)remix Massimo Di Lena8:39

Its a brave man who takes on the task of reworking a 'Classic' record. Now, when we say 'Classic', we mean a Techno cut that is steeped in the History of the scene itself. One that has remained in the boxes of the most legendary names since its creation back in 1995, often imitated, never bettered. Massimo Di Lena is a producer who is currently at the top of his game. Revered by his peers, his productions have become mainstays in the sets and record boxes of the world's elite. His beautifully crafted compositions have seen their release on the likes Cadenza, Oslo, Raum and Cynosure. He first appeared on Claque remixing Renato Figoli, as well releasing alongside label boss Carola as 'Vegas Gas.' Massimo is the man, who today takes on the G-Man classic cuts of 'Quo Vadis' and 'Sparticus'. Having got an edit of 1996's 'Sparticus' into the hands of G-Man himself, Gez Varley. The pair agreed that Massimo should take on the 1995 smash 'Quo Vadis'. The results are spectacular. Massimo takes the originals sparkling, powerful drive and turns it on its head, creating a brooding, deeper, industrial vibe. Its hypnotic bassline, is broken by the original's harsh metallic stabs and and twisted yet warm synths. On 'Sparticus' Di Lena stays true to the original. Adding a large does of jackin' flavour, he brilliantly delivers a fresh face to this ageless cut. Brave, incredibly tasteful and fantastic reinterpretations of two of Techno's most spectacular tracks.